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Chapter 2. Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0

2.1. Changed Class: AvailabilityManagerRemote
2.2. Changed Class: ResourceManagerRemote

2.1. Changed Class: AvailabilityManagerRemote

2.1.1. Deprecated Methods

PageList<Availability> findAvailabilityForResource( 
        Subject subject, 
        int resourceId, 
        PageControl pc);

2.1.2. New Methods

PageList<Availability> findAvailabilityByCriteria( 
		Subject subject,
		AvailabilityCriteria criteria);

2.2. Changed Class: ResourceManagerRemote

2.2.1. Changed Methods

Instead of the returning a null value for the UNKNOWN state, the ResourceManagerRemote.getLiveResourceAvailability() method now returns AvailabilityType.UNKNOWN.

2.2.2. New Methods

ResourceAvailabilitySummary getAvailabilitySummary( 
		Subject subject, 
		int resourceId);
List<Integer> disableResources( 
		Subject subject, 
		int[] resourceIds);
List<Integer> enableResources( 
		Subject subject, 
		int[] resourceIds);